Past Exhibits

Bert Gallery was founded in 1985 and has organized over 130 exhibitions during that time period. The Bert Gallery website was launched in 2001 and provides an archive of many of our past exhibits. Some of the paintings in these exhibits are sold.

Seeing Nature: Selections from 1880 to 2013
Kathy Hodge: Inspired by the National Parks

Luminous, Intense and Fresh: The Pastels of Louise Marianetti (1916 - 2009)
The American Realist and the German Modernist
European Watercolors by H. A. Dyer (1872 - 1943)
2013: Artsits that Endure
2013 Holiday Collections Exhibition
Discovering Arthur Douglas (1860 - 1949)
The Allure of the Art Students League
Art Gossip: Behind the Providence Art Scene in the late 19th Century
Dana Levin: A Classical Realist in the 21st Century
Up and Coming in the 1940ís: RISD Museumís Annual Juried Exhibition 1940 - 1948
Holiday Show: 2012
Holiday Selections 2011
Collect Contemporary
The Magical Realism of Louise E. Marianetti
Gallery Collection: Ten Most Wanted
The Passionate Collector
On the Waterfront
New Inventory
The Gallery Collection
Divine Providence and its Arts Destiny
In Their Own Way: Vintage Watercolors by Rhode Island Artists
RISD: Class of 1897
James Herbert: Dangerous Liaisons
Kathy Hodge
Old World Charm: H. A. Dyer
Becoming Modern: Florence Leif
Documenting a Moment: O.W. Link & C. Vitullo

2008: Cultural Awakenings
Struggle, Strength and Dignity
Transformation During the War Year: G. Peers
The Art Workers Guild and the Arts and Crafts Movement: S.R. Burleigh
The Art Front in 19th Century Rhode Island
2007: Taking a Look
Who Creates the Art Market?
What is Original Art
Rhode Island Artists in 19th Century Paris Salons
Rhode Island Artists in 19th Century Paris Salons - Essays
Auction Hits in the Rhode Island Market
Artists who Marry Artists
Percy Albee
2006 and Before
American Identity
Color Matters
Flora and Fauna
Grand Tour
Italian Sojourn: C. Vitullo
I could Paint That
Sofa Art
Edgar Corbridge
Sunday's Best
Westward Bound: E. Martin
Summer Haunts: Edgar Corbridge